Reducing no-match claims and saving thousands of dollars

  • Increase the advertising budget by reducing match reductions, resulting in INCREASED SALES
  • Interface with agencies, media, etc., and keep them informed of any changes in the programs
  • Help determine which vendors to use and eliminate duplicity
  • Interface with the multitude of vendors to manage the metrics for the dealer, especially those enrolled in the EBE and SFE programs
  • Know what questions to ask and what results to look for with vendors
  • Keep up with any changes to the Co-op program
  • Make sure vendors’ programs interface with other vendors information so valuable information is delivered to the dealer and not lost
  • Review scripts/ads to make sure they are co-op compliant BEFORE they are produced to ensure you get your money back
  • Get programs pre-approved beforehand

With so many programs, vendors, metrics, and endless details, it’s difficult and time consuming for a person at the dealership to understand everything involved which often results in loosing thousands of dollars in match reductions.

Dealership Marketing Solutions make sure these vendors drive traffic to your door which allows the dealership and the employees to focus on selling vehicles!

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